Sustainable Sourcing

Ivar believes that the sourcing and extraction of our raw materials are of utmost importance. At Ivar, we have built a valuable and long-standing relationship with our manufacturers and suppliers whose ethics and policies align with ours.

We strive to source our gold from no conflict zone and always strive to pursue a transparent trail of sourcing for our gemstones.

Traditional Craftsmanship

Integrity in the manufacturing process is essential to Ivar’s core values.
We are proud to associate the traditional craftsmanship of Polki and Enamel with the contemporary aesthetic of the brand’s jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is made with the finest attention to detail by craftsmen who have learned this craft over generations, with a long history and heritage behind it.

Women Empowerment

We honor our employees through dedication to diversity, inclusivity, and women empowerment. The Ivar team consists of mostly women, from Founder Ritika Ravi to employees both in the retail stores and in the head office.

Ivar aims to promote more women, who have a unique perspective on the industry and talents yet untapped. We are supporters of equal employment opportunities and the removal of discrimination or bias in the workforce.


The environmental impact of the bulk manufacturing of packaging and collaterals cannot be denied.

In an effort to combat the rampant deforestation that is taking over the planet, Ivar has, from the very launch of the brand, been committed to using recycled paper for all its packaging purposes. As of today, 100 percent of our catalogs and consumer packaging is sustainably sourced.

The Ivar Impact - People First

Respecting human rights is a fundamental aspect of the Ivar brand. From our craftsmen to our employees and beyond, we aim to ensure that all our people are able to work and live in safe and healthy environments.

Beyond the brand, Ivar is committed to helping the underprivileged youth of the world. To achieve this, Ivar has donated to the Andrea Bocelli Foundation in an effort to help bring education to more corners of the world. Education is an intrinsic part of a successful life, and at Ivar, we aim to give the opportunity to every child, from the most diverse of backgrounds the chance to learn and succeed.

Eco Approach

Ivar by Ritika Ravi has always been conscious of the impact of fast fashion on the environment. Aware of our fashion footprint, Ivar has come to the decision not to waste precious materials, labor, and resources in creating large quantities of inventory. At Ivar, we have slowed down our consumption of raw materials by creating made-to-order pieces. This also gives us the ability to customize each of our pieces to our client's needs and offer a personalized touch thereby contributing to the unique story of each and every piece.