Inventively blending traditional Indian craftsmanship with a contemporary design perspective. IVAR designer Ritika Ravi creates a modern heritage pieces that are both treasurable and wearable. IVAR's jewelry designs are sophisticated and effortlessly easy, with an enduring appeal and imitable pieces are intended to be worn and cherished for a lifetime.

"I grew up surrounded by nature, dance, music, and art," says Ravi, "so I feel my designs are shaped by those experiences. My passion for jewelry started when I was nine and resulted in me pursuing my BA in Fashion Jewellery from London College of Fashion. My jewelry is all about easy sophistication and is inspired by my Indian roots. Essentially, it's a combination of Indian craftsmanship and a contemporary aesthetic."

Passionate about her country's rich cultural heritage, Ravi developed a deep appreciation for the art of jewelry crafting for which India is so celebrated. She then set out to create a collection that, while employing time-honored artisan techniques, would also speak to a contemporary international audience.

The collection also take inspiration from Ravi's travels and the joyous colors and moods of vacation destinations. While celebrating the spirit and luxuriousness of resort design, IVAR jewelry is intended to be worn every day, anywhere.

IVAR designs are also about emotion - the emotions that come from wearing a piece of jewelry that embodies years of dedicated artistry and passion. Emotion is imbued in every detail from the vibrant palette of the gemstones and the enamels to the fine gold finishes.

Infusing the traditional with inflections of modern design, IVAR jewelry is sophisticated and cosmopolitan yet, steeped in history. Designs bridge the gap between the past and present - they are timeless and transcendent.