1. How do I place an order for an Ivar jewelry piece? Ordering on is safe and user friendly. Once you have selected the piece you would like to purchase, click on the “Add to bag” button to place the item in your bag. You will then be directed to the checkout page which will give you clear instructions on how to complete your order. Your order will not be placed until the end of the checkout process.

Orders can also be placed over the phone (+91 9551062012) or through email ([email protected]).

2. Are all Ivar jewelry pieces available online? Yes, all Ivar jewelry pieces are available to view and purchase online at

3. Are the prices for Ivar jewelry fixed? Prices for Ivar jewelry are subject to change. Please expect to be charged for Ivar pieces as listed on the day of purchase.

4. What payment methods does Ivar accept? Ivar accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal. For queries on alternate payment methods, please contact customer services on +91 9551062012 or [email protected]

5. Can I make returns or exchanges? We regret to inform you that Ivar does not accept returns or exchanges once an item has been purchased.

6. Can I track my order online? Once you place an order on, you will get regular email updates about the status of your order.

7. Can I ship my order to an international location? Ivar ships to any location worldwide. Please provide clear details of your address and other contact details at the time of purchase.

8. How long will it take for my order to be shipped after date of purchase from Ivar? It will take seven to ten days to ship Ivar pieces from the date and time of purchase. Timelines may vary depending on availability of product delays with courier services.

9. Does Ivar offer bespoke services? Ivar offers bespoke services to suit your needs. Please allow for four to six weeks from the time the order has been placed for delivery.

10. Do any other websites or stores sell authentic Ivar pieces? Ivar jewelry is primarily available on

11. Where can I report a possible counterfeit design or suspected website selling Ivar pieces? If you suspect a counterfeit design or unauthorized website selling Ivar pieces, please contact customer services on +91 9551062012 or [email protected]

12. Does Ivar offer resizing? For select items, Ivar does offer resizing. If resizing is unavailable for your selected piece, Ivar offers bespoke services and can custom make a design to suit your needs. Please allow four to six weeks from the time the order has been placed.

For additional assistance on resizing, please contact customer services on +91 9551062012 or [email protected]

13. Who do I contact if I require extra help or advice about my purchase? Ivar is happy to assist you in any way required. Please contact customer services on +91 9551062012 or [email protected]

14. Will my Ivar jewelry arrive gift wrapped? Yes, Ivar has signature wrapping services in which your purchased piece will arrive.

15. If I am gifting an Ivar piece, can a message be included with my purchase? Gifts are a great way of forming connections. You can include a personalized message with your purchase. Ivar will be able to craft a message for you on provision of details. If you would prefer to write the message yourself, please add your personalized message upon placing the order.

16. Is engraving available for Ivar jewelry? Ivar does offer engraving services. Please contact customer services on +91 9551062012 or [email protected] to find out about engraving your selected piece.

17. How do I care for my jewelry? Caring for your jewelry might involve some basic steps that you should be aware of. Please refer to our ‘Product Care’ section for details on how to care for your pieces.

18. How should I store my jewelry? It is important to be careful when storing your jewelry, both to prevent theft and ensure no damage.

A small jewelry pouch or a travel case where you can store your rings, earrings and pendants can help safeguard them. To keep your jewelry scratch-free, secure and untangled while travelling, it is worth packing a jewelry wallet where each item has its own pouch or compartment.

19. How can I get an item repaired? At Ivar, our jewelry is meant to be enjoyed for generations to come. This is why we take time to carefully craft each piece with fine attention to detail. If your jewelry is damaged at any point, we will be very happy to mend any repairable items. Please refer to our Repairs section for additional information.

20. Where can I apply for a career? Ivar welcomes applications for careers and internships. If you feel that Ivar is a place you would like to work, please send your CV and details to [email protected]