Charu, the latest collection launched by fine jewelry brand Ivar by Ritika Ravi's brings together the emotions of familial affection, tradition and designer’s Ritika Ravi unique contemporary aesthetic.

The collection takes inspiration from the Nelli ring, a ring that is gifted to a South Indian bride by her mother’s family on her wedding day. The ring itself, usually made in gold and diamonds signifies vows taken in the presence of Agni (fire) by the bride and the groom. The custom of gifting the bride jewelry by her family is said to symbolize the prosperity of the newly married couple as they embark on their lives together.

The name of the collection - Charu means beautiful, which not only speaks to the beauty of the pieces itself but to the relationship between Ravi and her mother as Charu is also the designer’s mother’s name.

collection 1
collection 2
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